Maori Legend - The Creation of Earth


In the world of the Maori the creation of all things begins with the separation of Raki (the sky father) and Papa (the earth mother) by their sons Paia and Tane. During the separation Papa cried out to Raki, "Old Man, farewell. In the summer I shall send my love to you." -
This is the mist.

Taranaki view Flora saddle - Kahurangi


As Raki rose up to the sky he farewelled Papa. "Old woman remain here and nurture our children.  In the autumn I will send my love to you." -
This is the dew - the gentle tears of Raki weeping for his beloved Papa.

Dewdrops Dew on leaves


Finally Raki cried out to Papa "In the Winter I shall miss your warmth and I will send my love to you. -" 
This is the ice - the tears of Raki frozen on the breast of Papa.

Muller Glacier Mt. Cook Glacier

the Light

The final greetings completed the great separation 
and the world was bright with light.

Sunset - Amberley Rainbow - King Country